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Why this GPS tracking software is best for your fleet

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THE best GPS tracking software programmes keep you updated on the latest whereabouts of your vehicles, even when you are in a different city, and it’s no exaggeration to claim that our software has set a new benchmark in fleet management.

Do you own a fleet of vehicles? Are you looking for reliable GPS tracking software? The one you choose should have a solid reputation and have earned the industry’s trust over the years. And that is why GPSWOX should top your list.

Long list of happy customers
Globally recognised, GPSWOX is a cut above the run-of-the-mill GPS tracking software, and nothing proves this more than satisfied clients. Remember, the experts suggest doing a comparative study on three or four different software programmes before making your final decision.

Easy compatibility with GPS tracking devices
Top-notch GPS fleet tracking software should be compatible with almost all major GPS tracker devices on the market. GPSWOX GPS fleet tracking software delivers this, and can operate alongside more than 400 other trackers. The company even offers GPS tracking devices should you not have one already.

Real-time updates
The best GPS tracking software should not only be able to provide you with real-time updates on the precise location of your fleet but should also provide you with current updates on fuel consumption, distance travelled and, of course, speeds. Again, GPSWOX ticks all the boxes.

Geofencing capacities
This is an advanced feature not always available with regular GPS tracking software, but is incorporated in the state-of-the-art GPSWOX package. Geofencing allows you to mark specific locations on the routes travelled by your fleet, and will send you an immediate alert the moment your drivers enter or leave those specified locations. This allows you to keep an eye out for deviations from established routes, or unplanned stops and detours.
POI tools
Our system will also allow you to mark Places of Interest (POI) such as hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and so on. You can even add a brief description, thus helping your driver find the destination with ease. For example, say your driver is new to the city and he is looking for a petrol station. If you identify a specific petrol station through your GPS tracking software beforehand, this will enable the driver to find the petrol station with ease.

Immediate SMS alerts
GPS tracking software is designed to make life more convenient for its users, and it doesn’t get much more convenient than instant alerts. The GPSWOX software will send immediate SMS alerts if anything goes wrong with your tracked vehicles. For instance, you will receive an SMS should the vehicle be stolen, travel at excessive speeds, or move in and out of specified geo zones. It will even alert you each time the engine is turned on or off.

Convenient reports
Another point that distinguishes our fleet tracking software from the rest is its presentation of the data gathered. A GPS tracking device tracks a huge amount of data which can be very complex to decipher in its raw form. The GPSWOX software is designed to present the data in easily comprehensible reports, in both text form and with charts, graphs or maps.

Tracking on the go
Our software is available as an app too. This allows you to install it on your smartphone and keep tabs on your fleet even when you are not in the office.

Finally, you know you chosen the best if the programme promises you outstanding tech support from experts 24/7 – and again GPSWOX delivers.




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